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Essential Fashion Items for the Summer

Although the autumn style is still one topic that people seem to talk about the most, nothing is wrong with a little preparation for the year ahead. Summer will be a cute theme that needs more discussions, even when the weather is still quite chilly today. Those living in tropical countries can also benefit from such a discussion. According to https://www.7×7.com/10-beauty-products-for-summer-2639788038.html, summer is indeed the time to show up and glow up. The season requires different fashion items, makeup ideas, and different hairstyles.

For that reason, let us start with the most basic aspect, which are the essential summer fashion items. Accessories combined with clothes can make a gorgeous mix-and-match, and the information below is something you should not miss.

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White Tops

We understand that some of you might ask why white tops. The reason for the statement relates to how versatile and trendy white tops are, although the items have been around for decades. Women prefer something stylish and simple at the same time, especially during hot weather. This way, they do not need to deal with complicated designs, and they can walk freely. It is advisable to pick breathable materials since it proves to be quite beneficial for summer lovers. It is also the reason why white tops stand out as it does not change colors when the wearer sweats a lot.


Another essential item is a hat, and you may already know the reason. During summer, the sun shines brightly, but it should not stop you from going outside and enjoying the summer heat. Hats are an effective pick if you aim to avoid sunburn on your face while looking fashionable and trendy. Combine a straw natural-colored hat with a white tank top and a pair of skinny jeans, and you are ready to go. One tip for you is to avoid an item with decorative elements on it. Unless you are Kate Middleton, that decorative hat will make you look too hyped and weird.

Striped Sandals

Summer is indeed the best time to show your body off, including your beautiful legs. Instead of covering them in a pair of loafers, which can imply formality when what you are aiming is a casual look, you should go for striped sandals. Wearing striped footwear, either flat or heeled, will give you a chance to show off your legs. Combine them with jeans shorts or skirts and another casual top, and you are ready to have fun outdoors.

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5 Tips for Surviving Your Cravings When on a Keto Diet

Sugar or carb cravings can be tough as you begin your ketogenic diet. However, you shouldn’t worry nor give up. That’s because there are several ways you can eliminate these cravings.

In this post, we’ll give you five tips on surviving your cravings when on a keto diet. Read on to know more on this.

1. Consider Eating Pickles

pickled cucumberOne of the most effective ways of combating carb cravings while you’re on a keto diet is by eating pickles. They are low in calories and carbs, but you need to check their label to determine if they have any added sugar.

They also contain potassium and magnesium, the result being that people drink pickle juice to replenish lost electrolytes. Another benefit is they help in curbing hunger during instances that you can’t control it.

2. Look Out for Hidden Carbs

Another perfect tip for surviving your cravings when on a keto diet is to look out for any hidden carbs. That’s because the market is full of products with hidden contents.

One of the best solutions is to prepare your meals. This way, you can measure any ingredient to ensure you stick to your goals.

3. Be Patient

Once you decide to switch to the keto diet, remember your body needs to adapt it. Depending on your previous diet, you can find it a challenge. For example, going from 300g to 25g of carbs per day can be difficult. However, if you’re patient, you will realize that your body will adapt.


Fashion tips for upcoming musicians

Talking about music without talking about fashion is impossible. Music and fashion are part of the showbiz industry, and they go hand in hand. The way you dress as a musician is very important because people will talk about it. We have tabloids and social media, and a slight wardrobe malfunction will not be taken fairly. If you are an aspiring musician or your music career has started growing, then you should consider working on your fashion sense. Musicians who are known as fashion icons are not only appreciated for their music but also their sense of fashion. Steve Albini in utero producer interview criticized the role of fashion but fashion still plays a huge role in music. Fashion is an important part of your success in your music career.

Fashion tips for musicians

Wear for the occasion

Musicians and artists are always tempted to go overboard and try and make a statement. However, you need to know when to make the boundary and dress for the occasion. For instance, if you have been invited to go and perform in a corporate function, then it is only sensible to get a formal dress or suit. You cannot afford to wear your pair rugged of jeans to a corporate event even if you are the performing artist.


Choose your style

As a musician, it is important to have a style that your fans will be able to identify you with. Your style will serve as your trademark that will distinguish you from the rest. For instance, your trade mark can be your hair cut or the fashion style that you prefer. There is artist that prefer minimalist styles, other glamorous and others prefer vintage. It all depends on what suits your style.

Identify with your fans and music

It is important to identify with your fans and also the type of music that you sing. For instance, you will identify country music musicians with their hats and boots. You will also identify hip-hop musicians with their jeans and baggy t-shirts. These are clothes and fashion statements that represent the kind of music that they sing. Make sure that you don’t contradict the type of music that you sing through your dressing.

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Hire a fashion consultant

If you feel that fashion is a big challenge to you, then you need to consider hiring a fashion consultant. The role of a fashion consultant is to make sure that you always look good and polished. Fashion consultants are trained on how to dress musicians and other VIPs…

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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Nails

Women love strong and beautiful nails. Well maintained nails are pretty and strong. Such nails look feminine and elegant. However, some people have problems in maintaining their nails. These are some of the effective methods which can be used in maintaining healthy nails.

Utilizing the rubber gloves

You should wear rubber gloves when you are washing your dishes or when you are cleaning your home. Some of the chemicals used for cleaning purposes are very strong and can damage your nails and hands. Such makes can also make your nails weak or even give your skin some nasty burns.

Polishing and filling

You should buy a nail file for clipnail polish ping your nails. Clipping of the nails is done by filling the nails in one direction. Filling in different directions say moving from right and left can weaken and create tiny cracks on your nails. You should make an effort of polishing your nails just once in a month. Filing the nails more often can make your nails weaker and thinner.


Nail creams

The regular hand creams are not enough for your nails. However, there are special nail creams which are effective in taking care of the nails. These creams are cheaper and readily available in the market. You should use the one which suits you best.

Nail hardeners and calcium gels

Nail hardeners and calcium gels can help in making your nails stronger. However, these products work gradually and should be given time. You should, therefore, use these products regularly to harden our nails.

Avoid removing the cuticles

Most of the young girls make a mistake of cutting their cuticles. This should not be done. You are advised to apply a cuticle remover cream or gel and then push the cuticles using a cuticle stick.

Nail polishing

Nail polishes contain a compound known as acetone which is helpful in making the nails soft. You are advised to invest in high-quality polishes. Any nail polish which has passed the expiration date should be thrown away. Again you should avoid manicuring the nails for more than one time in a week.

Regular clippingnail clipping

This is done to trim the super long nails. Regular clipping is necessary for maintaining the nails short. Long nails are prone to breaking. The tools used in clipping the nails should be cleaned an disinfected after use.

Using oil base polishes

Most people use acetone based polishes which contain some chemicals. These chemicals can affect your nails when they are repeatedly used. Oil based polishes are recommended since they have no side effects on your skin or nails, they are less harmful to the nails.…

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Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Hair

There are different approaches or method for the maintenance of a healthy hair. Some of these methods include oiling, spas and other forms of hair treatment. This article is going to highlight on some of the basic tips you can use to maintain your hair in a healthy state.

Right diet

Your diet is very crucial when it comes to hair-care. Proteins and iron are the main healthy foodnutrients which are required for the growth of the hair cells. They are required to in facilitating the fast growth of the hair cells. This means that you should include foods rich in iron such as fish, beans, pumpkin seeds, leafy vegetables, cereals, soy beans, and chickpea in your regular diet. On the other hand, proteins are required for strengthening of the hair cells. You should include proteins such as soy, yogurt, quinoa, lentils, milk, and cheese in your diet these proteins are rich in essential amino acids.

Keeping away heat

It would be extremely difficult to maintain your perfect waves or gorgeous curls without the help of a curler, a dryer or a straighter. You should buy the best serum if you are to use a curler or iron. Alternatively, you can make your serum at home using some coconut oil, almond oil, and air conditioner.

Use of essential oils

These oils are rich in minerals, essent ESSENTIAL OILSial fatty acids, and vitamins which are helpful in maintaining and boosting the overall health of the hair. Coconut oil is the most recommended oil by mother and hair experts. It is useful in protecting the hair from dandruff, sun damage as well as removing the build-up of sebum from the hair follicles thus accelerating the growth of hair.

Using the home-made hair masks

Some of the home-made masks are delicious enough for consumption while some are smelly. These are some of the recommended hair masks.

A mixture of mustard oil, curd, and egg

This mixture is great for people e with hay-like dry hair. Eggs contain fatty acids, proteins and vitamins A, E, D, and B12. This protein is helpful in strengthening the root cells. Fatty acids are used in making a natural hair conditioner while vitamin B12 helps in adding the hair volume.

Peppermint oil and avocado

Avocados are creamy in nature, and it is rich in minerals, fats, vitamins. You should apply a mixture of peppermint oil and avocado on your hair and then leave it for about 20 minutes. This sis followed by washing off the hair.…

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