Talking about music without talking about fashion is impossible. Music and fashion are part of the showbiz industry, and they go hand in hand. The way you dress as a musician is very important because people will talk about it. We have tabloids and social media, and a slight wardrobe malfunction will not be taken fairly. If you are an aspiring musician or your music career has started growing, then you should consider working on your fashion sense. Musicians who are known as fashion icons are not only appreciated for their music but also their sense of fashion. Steve Albini in utero producer interview criticized the role of fashion but fashion still plays a huge role in music. Fashion is an important part of your success in your music career.

Fashion tips for musicians

Wear for the occasion

Musicians and artists are always tempted to go overboard and try and make a statement. However, you need to know when to make the boundary and dress for the occasion. For instance, if you have been invited to go and perform in a corporate function, then it is only sensible to get a formal dress or suit. You cannot afford to wear your pair rugged of jeans to a corporate event even if you are the performing artist.


Choose your style

As a musician, it is important to have a style that your fans will be able to identify you with. Your style will serve as your trademark that will distinguish you from the rest. For instance, your trade mark can be your hair cut or the fashion style that you prefer. There is artist that prefer minimalist styles, other glamorous and others prefer vintage. It all depends on what suits your style.

Identify with your fans and music

It is important to identify with your fans and also the type of music that you sing. For instance, you will identify country music musicians with their hats and boots. You will also identify hip-hop musicians with their jeans and baggy t-shirts. These are clothes and fashion statements that represent the kind of music that they sing. Make sure that you don’t contradict the type of music that you sing through your dressing.

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Hire a fashion consultant

If you feel that fashion is a big challenge to you, then you need to consider hiring a fashion consultant. The role of a fashion consultant is to make sure that you always look good and polished. Fashion consultants are trained on how to dress musicians and other VIPs