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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Nails

Women love strong and beautiful nails. Well maintained nails are pretty and strong. Such nails look feminine and elegant. However, some people have problems in maintaining their nails. These are some of the effective methods which can be used in maintaining healthy nails.

Utilizing the rubber gloves

You should wear rubber gloves when you are washing your dishes or when you are cleaning your home. Some of the chemicals used for cleaning purposes are very strong and can damage your nails and hands. Such makes can also make your nails weak or even give your skin some nasty burns.

Polishing and filling

You should buy a nail file for clipnail polish ping your nails. Clipping of the nails is done by filling the nails in one direction. Filling in different directions say moving from right and left can weaken and create tiny cracks on your nails. You should make an effort of polishing your nails just once in a month. Filing the nails more often can make your nails weaker and thinner.


Nail creams

The regular hand creams are not enough for your nails. However, there are special nail creams which are effective in taking care of the nails. These creams are cheaper and readily available in the market. You should use the one which suits you best.

Nail hardeners and calcium gels

Nail hardeners and calcium gels can help in making your nails stronger. However, these products work gradually and should be given time. You should, therefore, use these products regularly to harden our nails.

Avoid removing the cuticles

Most of the young girls make a mistake of cutting their cuticles. This should not be done. You are advised to apply a cuticle remover cream or gel and then push the cuticles using a cuticle stick.

Nail polishing

Nail polishes contain a compound known as acetone which is helpful in making the nails soft. You are advised to invest in high-quality polishes. Any nail polish which has passed the expiration date should be thrown away. Again you should avoid manicuring the nails for more than one time in a week.

Regular clippingnail clipping

This is done to trim the super long nails. Regular clipping is necessary for maintaining the nails short. Long nails are prone to breaking. The tools used in clipping the nails should be cleaned an disinfected after use.

Using oil base polishes

Most people use acetone based polishes which contain some chemicals. These chemicals can affect your nails when they are repeatedly used. Oil based polishes are recommended since they have no side effects on your skin or nails, they are less harmful to the nails.…

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